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Geiger 2030


Avoiding emissions

Acting in an environmentally friendly way is nowadays mandatory and more than ever of utmost importance. By committing ourselves to sustainable development, we face up to the associated environmental responsibility anew every day.

Everything we do has consequences - and so does everything we don't do. In the implementation of each individual production process, we are therefore concerned with conserving resources, saving energy and largely avoiding harmful substances and waste. We want to perfect this in the future and raise awareness for this issue among each and every one of our employees. From theoretical rules, we want to set concrete stimuli to stand together as a company for environmentally friendly production.


Preventive Maintenance 

Tools and production techniques have continued to evolve. Modern equipment is innovative and efficient, but often more sensitive to wear and defects.

Our mission is the intelligent tool that prevents system failures and is geared towards independent maintenance. This way, failures can be avoided and the production process can generate more output. A functional  state of equipment over a long period of time, creates a great added value.


Sharing knowledge

Our expertise is the result of over 60 years of work experience and therefore irreplaceable. Anyone can bring along manual skills and their own interest in mold making and injection molding.

But not every employer can offer industry-specific consulting and unparalleled expertise. Internal workshops and training courses are already part of our training. However, in the future we want to focus even more on the education and training of our employees and empower each individual in his or her potential and talents. The future viability of a company starts with its employees and their motivation to implement the company's values and vision. This is where we want to start and create suitable conditions.

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